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Live Stream Rugby - PremiumThe sport of Rugby is loved in New Zealand and can be regarded as their national sport which plays a great role in their National Pride. It is also one of their great pass times and it is nothing strange when a rugby fans hopping to watch their favorite New Zealand Rugby Live Stream Online for Free without ads.

They will do anything to see a match and will use any streaming option to view their beloved All Blacks play. Here you will get both free and premium live streaming option to watch your favorite New Zealand rugby live without any downtime, let’s continue!

The upcoming rugby union test and championships of 2018 will be a great test to determine where the strength lies and the relevant performance of all the different countries might show the world what New Zealand can do !

People love their Rugby and Players become instant hero’s overnight in New Zealand. Before watching New Zealand rugby live action, let’s go to know some of the New Zealand rugby history.

New Zealand Rugby History

New Zealand Rugby Live stream Online

The New Zealand Rugby team known as the All Blacks are currently ranked as the World’s No 1 rugby team and are surely the pride and joy of Rugby mad New Zealand. There is nobody in any other rugby playing country who doesn’t know who they are. The All Blacks have a winning percentage of 77.21% in which they played since 1903 when they played their first test.

The All Blacks are the first rugby side to achieve the honour of winning 500 tests in the history of Rugby as a sport. They won the first ever Rugby World Cup which was played in 1987 and there after in 2011 and 2015 which makes them the current world champions.

They have an illustrious record in the Tri-Nations Championships in which they won 10 of the 16, the Tri-Nations was changed to the Rugby Championships when Argentina was allowed into the competition and the All Blacks were victorious in five out of the six times it was contested. The Bledisloe competition between NZ and Australia was won by NZ the past 14 years up to 2017.

Playing outside of New Zealand, they participated in Nine Grand Slam Tours, of which they won Four, A Grand Slam Tour is when a foreign team play against all Four the Home Unions of Great- Britain (British & Irish Lions) . Another accolade is they have been rated as the World’s Number One team for more than 80% of the period since the rating was started in 2003.

Watch New Zealand Rugby Live Stream Online HD via SKY.NZ

Sky.NZ have started more than two decades ago as a New Zealand TV station with 10 employees up to where they employ more than 1000 people. They fondly describe themselves as not a corporation but “Just as a bunch of Kiwis.”

They currently have the contract to broadcast all New Zealand rugby in terms of a contract they entered into with the NZRU. This contract gives SKY.NZ the rights to broadcast All Black Rugby tests up to the end of 2020.

This contract ensures that SKY while having the right to continue charging the New Zealand public to watch the All Blacks playing their tests. Sky-sports is one of the leading pay –Broadcasters of sport in New Zealand and with the end of the year tests that the All Blacks play in the Northern Hemisphere not covered by the current agreement jumped to get it included in a deal. This just shows that it is big business for any broadcaster to have the rights to broadcast the tests of the All Blacks.

Any Kiwi Rugby supporter doesn’t mind paying for his rugby viewing but he/she wants a quality product and that is exactly what Sky.NZ provides with many technicians, broadcasting crews and commentators at the field of play.

Watch New Zealand Rugby Live Streaming Free (Best Options)

It isn’t easy to always find a place where you can watch a free streaming of a rugby game. This is big business and the broadcasters don’t want to give their money making opportunities away. With people required to pay it is very challenging to find a site where you can watch for free. You are required to subscribe before you can watch.

There are more options available where you can watch new zealand rugby live stream for free, some offered by sites that are perfectly legal. There are also ones who do bend the rules to allow you to watch. The following options can be investigated. Which is widely regarded as the best option where you can stream Rugby for free. There is no requirement that you must signup and it is for free. The rugby that you can watch is from all over the world and contains many matches from the top competitions. Here you can watch matches that SKY sports and others broadcast.

There are also many options to download apps that will provide regular updates and information. The Online page will also allow you to stream rugby matches for free and becomes only available about 10 minutes before kick off. Also here you can get update match schedule, scores, analytics and more what you want.

The Rugby Channel – This is a site that must be subscribed to and originated in the USA in 2016, the Rugby Foundation is the owner and requires payment of $7.99. The content is limited for free but allow for easy use and works well.

Fubo TV – This site offers free trials for two weeks and can be used to view matches, just cancel before the time expires. A good option is to get a login from a friend which will allow you to watch New Zealand rugby live stream online without ads.

VPN – This can be used to sign to free games that are being broadcasted for free on a broadcaster’s website. This is normally only on offer for people in the broadcasting area, you can then sign on using a VPN. This is the privet network security and legal, free Streams you can enjoy outside your home without any interrupted.

YouTube – You can also make use of sites which allows video uploading, there are many users who upload the videos or stream it onto the site. It might be older matches and then YouTube might also try and prevent it.

Facebook – is also a page where many people load content onto and you can see matches or get links to pages with some content on it, You might not see the full game but the trial’s and certain highlights can be seen and the live scores get posted there are various pages with videos.

Where Can I Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 all Matches in New Zealand ?

It was also announced that SKY.NZ didn’t succeed to get the broadcasting rights of the 2019 William Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup that will be held in New Zealand. And a joint ventures TVNZ/Spark access the rights to broadcast the RWC 2019 matches in New Zealand.

After the successful bid the joint ventures got rights for the rugby world cup 2019. Also they will cover rugby sevens world cup 2018, next women’s world cup 2021 tournaments and more. The best part for New Zealanders would be able to watch the rugby live games without paying since 2007.

The right to broadcast the World Cup was against all odds not awarded to Sky.NZ but instead to a consortium formed by Spark and TVNZ Details must still be made public but there will be free broadcasts of certain games and it is expected that the public will have to pay for others. A figure of NZ $100 is being mentioned.

This will have some severe implications for Sky Sports not to be able to broadcast the showpiece of World Rugby with the All Blacks being touted to win the title.

New Zealand holds the 2015 rugby world cup trophy

As a Captain of New Zealand Richie Macaw holds the 2015 Rugby World Cup Trophy. Source : Getty Image

Which Rugby Games New Zealand Rugby Team are Playing

New Zealand are participate in the rugby union tournaments or test matches. Also they are participate in the Rugby World Cup, Rugby Championship, Bledisole Cup and much more. New Zealand rugby team players are also participate in the rugby league competition like Super Rugby, HSBC sevens series, and Mitre 10 cup.

New Zealand – All Blacks in The Rugby World Cup
The inaugural World Cup took place in New Zealand in 1987 and was won by the All Blacks, after this win they went through a lean time and it took them until 2011 before they could be the World Champions again, they also succeeded in winning the World Cup in 2015 again. Everybody expects them to retain their title in 2019.

The All Blacks are the firm favorites amongst the public, experts and of course the bookmaker’s to be the Champions once again. The rest of the world are determined that they won’t allow this to happen and we can expect a lot of fireworks in Japan.

New Zealand was drawn into Pool B which includes South Africa, Italy and a Country from the Africa 1 group. New Zealand will play against each of the countries and the winner of Pool B will play against the runner-up of Pool A. The winner of that match will go into the semi-final and thereafter into the Final match. Which will take place on the 2nd of November 2019 It is widely expected that New Zealand’s challenge will follow this path.

New Zealand in The Rugby Championship And Bledisloe Cup
The Rugby Championship is an annual tournament being hosted by Sanzar the Rugby organization which was formed by New Zealand, South Africa and Australia in response to the different leagues and Six Nation Championships being played in the Northern hemisphere. It used to be called the Tri-Nations series but with the adding on of Argentina it became the Rugby Championship.

In this competition, the four countries play tests against each other on an away and home basis. This will happen in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.

The Bledisloe Cup is a competition between New Zealand and Australia which gets contested over three different matches which get played in both countries, to aid with the congested World Rugby calendar the matches played in the rugby championship between Australia and New Zealand forms part of their Bledisloe Cup competition.

This competition is one of the oldest competitions between New Zealand and Australia and apparently it started after World War II when the Allied Forces played sport against each other and the ANZAC forces competed against each other. The tradition continues and there are numerous ceremonies that go with it honouring the fallen heroes .

New Zealand in The Rugby Union Test Matches

The Rugby International Test Matches (Mid year Test and End of the year Test)

The International test matches which get played in the Mid – Year tests and on the End of the Year tests were put in place to ensure that the countries of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres get the opportunity to meet each other on the rugby field. This is an attempt to ensure that lower ranked teams get the opportunity to compete against higher ranked teams.

The All Blacks will have a Mid -Year Tour of three tests which they will play against the French Rugby side during the June break and their end of the Year tour will be against Japan in Tokyo, England in London, Ireland in Dublin and Italy at a venue still to be announced in Italy.

This tests allowed the other countries to test their progress in terms of the game against it each other and in particular when playing against a country like New Zealand. This has also become somewhat of a contest between the Six Nations and the Sanzar countries to determine where the strength of rugby lies, not too dissimilar to the Presidents Cup in Golf.

2018 New Zealand Rugby Fixtures & Results

09 Jun All Blacks vs France Eden Park, Auckland 7:35 PM 0-0
16 Jun All Blacks vs France Wellington 7:35 PM 0-0
23 Jun All Blacks vs France Dunedin 7:35 PM 0-0
18 Aug Australia vs All Blacks Sydney 10:05 PM 0-0
25 Aug All Blacks vs Australia Auckland 7:35 PM 0-0
08 Sep All Blacks vs Argentina Nelson 7:35 PM 0-0
15 Sep All Blacks vs South Africa Wellington 7:35 PM 0-0
30 Sep Argentina vs All Blacks Buenos Aires 11:40 AM 0-0
07 Oct South Africa vs All Blacks Pretoria 4:05 AM 0-0
27 Oct All Blacks vs Australia Yokohama TBA 0-0
03 Nov Japan vs All Blacks Tokyo TBA 0-0
10 Nov England vs All Blacks London TBA 0-0
17 Nov Ireland vs All Blacks Dublin TBA 0-0
24 Nov Italy vs All Blacks TBA TBA 0-0

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