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The Sydney Roosters celebrate their Grand moments after beat Melbourne Storm (21-06) in the 2018 NRL Season Grand Final.

Watch NRL Live Stream online 2019 full season for free and this premiership season will be kick off on 14 March 2019. At the opening match Melbourne Storm host their old rival Brisbane Broncos at AAMI Park on Thrusday 14 March and it will be finish with the NRL grand final game on 6 October 2019 at ANZ Stadiumn, Sydney.

The NRL 2019 season is the 124th edition of professional rugby league and the 22nd edition of the the National Rugby League in Australia.

The NRL board announced a super Weekend concept like of all games in a round will be play at a single venue. For the first time this Magic concept will take place of the 2019 NRL season in Round 9 at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

First time in NRL series only 2 games are playing as the State of Origin games and the NRL 2019 pre-season All Stars match played on 15 February at AAMI Park.

Australia’s national Rugby League is arguably one of the most watched in the world. With 16 participant teams and 25 rounds to go, it makes for intrinsic entertainment for rugby fanatics, no wonder it has such a strong fan-base. Additionaly, the Wallabies have a spectacular record internationally and they emerged first runners-up in the 2015 rugby world cup.

About NRL Rugby League History

The National Rugby League is Australians top level professional men’s rugby club competition. The competition from Sydney club Rugby League since 1908. NRL was build in 1990 when the Super League join with the Australian rugby governing body and after the joint venture ran premierships in 1997. From February 2012 this NRL Premiership ran independently by Australian Rugby League Commission.

The NRL Premiership ( Telstra Premiership call to sponsorship reason) consists of sixteen clubs : eight clubs based on Greater Sydney, two in regional New South Wales, three in Queensland, one each in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory and One from New Zealand.

National Rugby League – NRL is one of the biggest and most attractive rugby tournament over the 100 years for the Australia Rugby supporters with also world wide rugby lovers. Every year this tournament bring some magical excitement for this nation. After joining a team from New Zealand in 1990 the spirit of this particular tournament has become more spiritual.

And, when the Australia played the new rugby game the State of Origin Series in 1980, the NRL grown-up slowly as a most viewed and most attended rugby league competition in the world.


How to Live Stream the NRL?

This therefore explains why you might be looking far a way to Watch Australia Rugby Online: whether in Australia or outside. Well, good news! there are different sites that enable you to catch live action of your favorite rugby club and i have compiled this list to ensure you don’t miss out.

In Australia, since the NRL is not the country’s national game, it means that coverage might not be consistent throughout the country. Fans that live outside the east coast are the most affected and are not served fully by free to air services in their homes. So here’s how to access these games online.

Channel 9:

Channel 9 is the right holder to the NRL and is tasked with broadcasting three games live and cost-free via 9Now, their streaming platform is every round. As you will come to discover, this is probably the best way to access season’s action if you are hoping to do so at no costs. On the other hand, you might not have access to all the games.


If you are willing to part with some cash to enjoy full coverage of the season, then foxtel is the right platform for you. It provides for one of the ways to catch the NRL season with the most through coverage of the Leagus, as every game is streamed in their platform.

However, all this will set you back $39 every month (minimum cost), but you will have access to not only NRL shows but also diverse content in their sports package. This will do for you if you want to catch the action in every single game or every single game that your favorite team plays in every round.

NRL Live Pass:

This is another platform that I find great for streaming games. It is also the better option for Telstra customers since it is part of their plans. In this option, I get to watch every single game except the Grand Final and the State of Origin series as Telstra does not won the streaming rights to these.

The downside is that I cannot be able to stream to my desktop and on other devices, I’m limited to only 7 inches in size. This means I can’t fully utilize my tablet screen. To catch this action, I only have to part with $4 weekly or there’s the option of $100 yearly. This measures well against Foxtel but it is of course no match for 9Now streaming. However, if you are a Telstra customer, this is probably a very good option.

Watch NRL:

This is my go-to option when i am out of Australia for business or for holiday. You see, most streaming services only apply if you are in Australia. This means that i might have a subscription on but i will not be able to stream games live if I’m not in Australia. However, I can stream courtesy of Watch NRL if i’m not in Australia.

This service affords me live streams and I also get on-demand replays too. To catch the game in real time, i must be having a supported PC, Mobile device, TV or Tablet. The service also gives me access to the 24/7 FOX LEAGUE Channel live so that i get in-depth analysis, the latest news in the NRL as well as entertainment shows. To enjoy this service, I pay $19 a week though there is the option of $33 monthly or $189 annually.

How to watch Australia Rugby Outside Australia

as i have mentioned before, most streaming service do not allow people outside Australia to watch NRL (except Watch NRL). However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. By the aid of a VPN, you can watch NRL games on these streaming sites as long as you have a subscription.

A VPN (virtual private network) service is an online service that can help hide one’s location. Additionally, if i am using a VPN service, I can change my location in relation to my ip address. For example, If i am outside Australia, getting an ip address that is within Australia will be the wise option. With a VPN service, i will be able to do this without breaking my back.

Kodi Live:

This is another free option to stream Australia rugby outside Australia. However, you will need the services of a VPN. However once you are subscribed, you can watch on your PC, Android TV Box, mac, and Amazon Firestick. Steps include:

1. Sign up with a VPN service provider, Avoid free VPN. They may mask you but their services are unrealiable. They also experience slow speeds and will be a headache when streaming. as such go for paid service.

2. Download to you device, install and launch the application.

3. Connect to a server that is not in Australia or New Zealand as Kodi does not work if you are in these countries. Once you have your VPN service set up, the next step is to create a account, setting up this account is free and will be of great assistance when watching the NRL live streaming free on Kodi.

NRL Streaming Channels:

There are channels in other countries that allow NRL Streaming. These include:

  • Premier Sports for rugby fans in the UK.
  • In the USA fans can watch on Fox Sprts Go.
  • OSN play which is exclusive to Middle East citizens.
  • BeIN Sports for those living in France.
  • DZAN for Japan and German residents.
  • Canadians can watch on Roger Sportsnet.

NRL Live Stream - Online

2019 NRL Live Stream Fixtures (Round by Round)


Thursday, Mar 14

Storm vs  Broncos, at AAMI Park 7:50pm

Friday, Mar 15

Knights vs Sharks, McDonald Jones Stadium 6:00pm

Roosters vs Rabbitohs, Sydney Cricket Ground 7:55pm

Saturday, Mar 16

Warriors vs Bulldogs, Mt Smart Stadium 3:00pm

Tigers vs Sea Eagles, Leichhardt Oval 5:30pm

Cowboys vs Dragons, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Mar 17

Panthers vs Eels, Panthers Stadium 4:05pm

Titans vs Raiders, CBus Super Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Mar 21

Dragons vs Rabbitohs, Jubilee Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Mar 22

Raiders vs Storm, GIO Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Cowboys, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Mar 2

Sharks vs Titans, Shark Park 3:00pm

Knights vs Panthers, McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

Sea Eagles vs Roosters, Lottoland 7:35pm

Sunday, Mar 24

Bulldogs vs Eels, ANZ Stadium 4:05pm

Tigers vs Warriors, Campbelltown Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Mar 28

Broncos vs Dragons, Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Mar 29

Raiders vs Knights, GIO Stadium 6:00pm

Eels vs Roosters, ANZ Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Mar 30

Sea Eagles vs Warriors, AMI Stadium Christchurch 3:00pm

Cowboys vs Sharks, 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

Panthers vs Storm, Carrington Park Bathurst 7:35pm

Sunday, Mar 31

Tigers vs Bulldogs, Campbelltown Stadium 4:05pm

Rabbitohs vs Titans, ANZ Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Apr 4

Roosters vs Broncos, Sydney Cricket Ground 7:50pm

Friday, Apr 5

Warriors vs Titans, Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

Panthers vs Tigers, Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Apr 6

Sea Eagles vs Rabbitohs, Lottoland 3:00pm

Cowboys vs Raiders, 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

Eels vs Sharks, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Apr 7

Storm vs Bulldogs, AAMI Park 4:05pm

Knights vs Dragons, McDonald Jones Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Apr 11

Broncos vs Tigers, Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Apr 12

Titans vs Panthers, CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

Cowboys vs Storm, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Apr 13

Rabbitohs vs Warriors, Sunshine Coast Stadium 3:00pm

Knights vs Sea Eagles, McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

Sharks vs Roosters, Shark Park 7:35pm

Sunday, Apr 14

Dragons vs Bulldogs, Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm

Raiders vs Eels, GIO Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Apr 18

Sharks vs Panthers, Shark Park 7:50pm

Friday, Apr 19

Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium 4:05pm

Storm vs Roosters, AAMI Park 7:55pm

Saturday, Apr 20

Warriors vs Cowboys, Mt Smart Stadium 5:30pm

Dragons vs Sea Eagles, WIN Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Apr 21

Titans vs Knights, CBus Super Stadium 2:00pm

Raiders vs Broncos, GIO Stadium 4:05pm

Monday, Apr 22

Eels vs Tigers, Western Sydney Stadium 4:00pm


Thursday, Apr 25

Roosters vs Dragons, Sydney Cricket Ground 4:05pm

Storm vs Warriors, AAMI Park 7:50pm

Friday, Apr 26

Bulldogs vs Cowboys, ANZ Stadium 6:00pm

Panthers vs Rabbitohs, Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Apr 27

Tigers vs Titans, Scully Park Tamworth 5:30pm

Broncos vs Sharks, Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Apr 28

Sea Eagles vs Raiders, Lottoland 2:00pm

Knights vs Eels, McDonald Jones Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, May 2

Rabbitohs vs Broncos, ANZ Stadium7:50pm

Friday, May 3

Cowboys vs Titans, 1300Smiles Stadium 6:00pm

Sharks vs Storm, Shark Park 7:55pm

Saturday, May 4

Raiders vs Panthers, McDonalds Stadium, Wagga 3:00pm

Sea Eagles vs Bulldogs, Lottoland 5:30pm

Roosters vs Tigers, Sydney Cricket Ground 7:35pm

Sunday, May 5

Warriors vs Knights, Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm

Eels vs Dragons, Western Sydney Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, May 9

Titans vs Sharks, Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, May 10

Tigers vs Panthers, Suncorp Stadium6:00pm

Sea Eagles vs Broncos, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, May 11

Bulldogs vs Knights, Suncorp Stadium 3:00pm

Warriors vs Dragons, Suncorp Stadium 5:30pm

Storm vs Eels, Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, May 12

Roosters vs Raiders, Suncorp Stadium 2:00pm

Rabbitohs vs Cowboys, Suncorp Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, May 16

Storm vs Tigers, AAMI Park 7:50pm

Friday, May 17

Panthers vs Warriors, Panthers Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Roosters, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, May 18

Titans vs Bulldogs, CBus Super Stadium 3:00pm

Cowboys vs Eels, 1300Smiles Stadium 5:30pm

Raiders vs Rabbitohs, GIO Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, May 19

Dragons vs Knights, Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee 2:00pm

Sharks vs Sea Eagles, Shark Park 4:05pm


Thursday, May 23

Eels vs Panthers, Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, May 24

Sea Eagles vs Titans, Lottoland 6:00pm

Knights vs Roosters, McDonald Jones Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, May 25

Raiders vs Cowboys, GIO Stadium 3:00pm

Warriors vs Broncos, Mt Smart Stadium 5:30pm

Rabbitohs vs Tigers, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, May 26

Bulldogs vs Storm, Belmore Oval 2:00pm

Dragons vs Sharks, Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, May 30

Panthers vs Sea Eagles, Panthers Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, May 31

Eels vs Rabbitohs, Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jun 1

Bulldogs vs Raiders, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Jun 2

Titans vs Cowboys, CBus Super Stadium 4:05pm

Byes: Broncos, Dragons, Knights, Roosters, Sharks, Storm, Tigers, Warriors


Friday, Jun 7

Rabbitohs vs Knights, ANZ Stadium 6:00pm

Tigers vs Raiders, Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jun 8

Warriors vs Storm, Mt Smart Stadium 3:00pm

Sharks vs Eels, Shark Park 5:30pm

Cowboys vs Sea Eagles, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Jun 9

Broncos vs Titans, Suncorp Stadium 2:00pm

Panthers vs Roosters, Panthers Stadium 4:05pm

Monday, Jun 10

Bulldogs vs Dragons, ANZ Stadium 4:00pm


Thursday, Jun 13

Raiders vs Sharks, GIO Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Jun 14

Titans vs Warriors, CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

Cowboys vs Tigers, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jun 15

Storm vs Knights, AAMI Park 3:00pm

Rabbitohs vs Panthers, ANZ Stadium 5:30pm

Eels vs Broncos, Western Sydney Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Jun 16

Sea Eagles vs Dragons, Lottoland 2:00pm

Roosters vs Bulldogs, TBA 4:05pm


Thursday, Jun 27

Tigers vs Rabbitohs, Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Jun 28

Dragons vs Cowboys, WIN Stadium 6:00pm

Roosters vs Storm, TBA 7:55pm

Saturday, Jun 29

Titans vs Sea Eagles, CBus Super Stadium 3:00pm

Knights vs Broncos, McDonald Jones Stadium 5:30pm

Eels vs Raiders, TIO Stadium, Darwin 7:35pm

Sunday, Jun 30

Warriors vs Panthers, Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm

Bulldogs vs Sharks, ANZ Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, Jul 4

Dragons vs Storm, WIN Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Jul 5

Tigers vs Roosters, Western Sydney Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jul 6

Knights vs Warriors, McDonald Jones Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Jul 7

Sharks vs Broncos, Shark Park 4:05pm

Byes: Bulldogs, Cowboys, Eels, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Titans


Friday, Jul 12

Panthers vs Titans, Panthers Stadium 6:00pm

Knights vs Bulldogs, McDonald Jones Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jul 13

Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles, ANZ Stadium 3:00pm

Broncos vs Warriors, Suncorp Stadium 5:30pm

Storm vs Sharks, AAMI Park 7:35pm

Sunday, Jul 14

Roosters vs Cowboys, Central Coast Stadium 2:00pm

Tigers vs Eels, Western Sydney Stadium 4:05pm

Dragons vs Raiders, WIN Stadium 6:10pm


Thursday, Jul 18

Broncos vs Bulldogs, Suncorp Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Jul 19

Warriors vs Sharks, Westpac Stadium, Wellington 6:00pm

Panthers vs Dragons, Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jul 20

Roosters vs Knights, TBA 3:00pm

Raiders vs Tigers, GIO Stadium 5:30pm

Cowboys vs Rabbitohs, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Jul 21

Titans vs Storm, CBus Super Stadium 2:00pm

Sea Eagles vs Eels, Lottoland 4:05pm


Thursday, Jul 25

Sharks vs Cowboys, Shark Park 7:50pm

Friday, Jul 26

Knights vs Tigers, McDonald Jones Stadium 6:00pm

Rabbitohs vs Dragons, ANZ Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Jul 27

Eels vs Warriors, Western Sydney Stadium 3:00pm

Titans vs Broncos, CBus Super Stadium 5:30pm

Storm vs Sea Eagles, AAMI Park 7:35pm

Sunday, Jul 28

Bulldogs vs Roosters, ANZ Stadium 2:00pm

Panthers vs Raiders, Panthers Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, Aug 1

Tigers vs Cowboys, Leichhardt Oval 7:50pm

Friday, Aug 2

Warriors vs Raiders, Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Storm, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Aug 3

Sea Eagles vs Knights, Lottoland 3:00pm

Bulldogs vs Panthers, Western Sydney Stadium 5:30pm

Sharks vs Rabbitohs, Shark Park 7:35pm

Sunday, Aug 4

Roosters vs Titans, TBA 2:00pm

Dragons vs Eels, Jubilee Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, Aug 8

Cowboys vs Broncos, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Aug 9

Warriors vs Sea Eagles, Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

Panthers vs Sharks, Panthers Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Aug 10

Dragons vs Titans, Jubilee Stadium 3:00pm

Eels vs Knights, Western Sydney Stadium 5:30pm

Bulldogs vs Tigers, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Aug 11

Raiders vs Roosters, GIO Stadium 2:00pm

Rabbitohs vs Storm, Central Coast Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, Aug 15

Sea Eagles vs Tigers, Lottoland 7:50pm

Friday, Aug 16

Titans vs Eels, CBus Super Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Panthers, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Aug 17

Knights vs Cowboys, McDonald Jones Stadium 3:00pm

Storm vs Raiders, AAMI Park 5:30pm

Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Aug 18

Roosters vs Warriors, TBA 2:00pm

Sharks vs Dragons, Shark Park 4:05pm


Thursday, Aug 22

Eels vs Bulldogs, Western Sydney Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Aug 23

Cowboys vs Panthers, 1300Smiles Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Rabbitohs, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Aug 24

Sharks vs Warriors, Shark Park 3:00pm

Tigers vs Knights, Campbelltown Stadium 5:30pm

Dragons vs Roosters, Jubilee Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Aug 25

Storm vs Titans, AAMI Park 2:00pm

Raiders vs Sea Eagles, GIO Stadium 4:05pm


Thursday, Aug 29

Cowboys vs Bulldogs, 1300Smiles Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Aug 30

Warriors vs Rabbitohs, Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm

Broncos vs Eels, Suncorp Stadium 7:55pm

Saturday, Aug 31

Knights vs Titans, McDonald Jones Stadium 3:00pm

Sea Eagles vs Storm, Lottoland 5:30pm

Roosters vs Panthers, Sydney Cricket Ground 7:35pm

Sunday, Sep 1

Sharks vs Raiders, Shark Park 2:00pm

Dragons vs Tigers, Sydney Cricket Ground 4:05pm


Thursday, Sep 5

Rabbitohs vs Roosters, ANZ Stadium 7:50pm

Friday, Sep 6

Eels vs Sea Eagles, Western Sydney Stadium 6:00pm

Storm vs Cowboys, AAMI Park 7:55pm

Saturday, Sep 7

Raiders vs Warriors, GIO Stadium 3:00pm

Bulldogs vs Broncos, ANZ Stadium 5:30pm

Titans vs Dragons, CBus Super Stadium 7:35pm

Sunday, Sep 8

Tigers vs Sharks, at Leichhardt Oval, 2:00pm

Panthers vs Knights, at Panthers Stadium, 4:05pm

Qualifying & Elimination Finals: TBC

Semi Finals: TBC

Preliminary Finals: TBC

NRL Grand Final: TBC


Do you crave a word of Australian rugby entertainment? Well, you will be spoiled for choice with those options. This also means that you will have unlimited access the 2019 Rugby World Cup action. Go wallabies!

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